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strategic advantage firearms education

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Strategic Advantage Firearms Education


Firearms Academy & Safety School

The Premier DOSHS and USCCA Firearms Safety School in Spring Hill and Columbia, Tennessee

More than ever in recent history, danger and uncertainty are now commonplace in our world. Being prepared and able to protect yourself can save your life and those you care about. It is not just our business, but our mission and passion, to help you learn the strategies and skills necessary to defend and protect yourself and your family. Our training can help foster the courage and confidence necessary to empower you. From beginner to advanced, we offer something for everyone: a strong foundation, fundamentals, and advanced skills. We are proud to serve Tennessee and its amazing people. YOU are priority one!

Owner of SAFE, firearms instructor

S.A.F.E. training and CLasses

  • Level 1 | Basic Firearms Training

  • Level 2 | Accuracy with Handguns

  • Level 3 | Concealed Carry Confidence

  • Level 4 | Advanced Handgun Training

  • Level 5 | Comprehensive Firearm Education

  • TN Enhanced Handgun Carry Permit

  • Private 1/1 Training

  • AR-15 Fundamentals (2 levels)

  • Shotgun Fundamentals (2 levels)

  • Critical Self Defense for Survival

  • Advanced Critical Self Defense

  • Countering an Active Shooter Threat

  • Women's Handgun & Self Defense

  • Concealed Carry & Home Defense

  • Kids' Safety Class

Meet the Team

We approach every class with enthusiasm and excitement, offering lifesaving information in a respectful, professional, and often fun, atmosphere to help ease any learners' anxiety. We have decades of combined learning of the ins and outs of firearm safety & self-defense and we are dedicated to teaching them to you. We believe our training is second to none.

what clients say about us

Our reviews speak for themselves. Happy clients are our best form of advertising. Many customers return again and again for more S.A.F.E. training which in turn makes them safer. Let us do the same for you and your family!

Brad R

I recently took an online concealed carry class, but I felt like I still wanted more hands-on/in-person training. So I signed up for the Enhanced Carry Class to have a more thorough experience. I’m glad I did. Kevin did a great job explaining things, very thorough in all aspects of the course in the classroom and at the range. I definitely recommend this class. Well worth the time and money.”

Thomas C

I loved the course! Kevin is a great teacher. He made me feel very stress-free while shooting. I’ve shot all over the world in the Marine Corps and he, by far, is one of the best teachers! Very calm. A lot of teachers are pushy but he isn’t! I highly recommend!

Adam M

I’ve taken 3 handgun courses with Kevin at Strategic Advantage Firearms so far and have not only learned a tremendous amount, but have enjoyed every minute of it. Kevin is an exceptional instructor. He is constantly focused on safety and is very clear with his instruction but in a “real world” way that makes it easy to take in all the information he provides. He adjusts his pace based on the individual(s) he is teaching rather than trying to force some planned agenda. Kevin is the very best instructor I have ever had.

W. Robertson

I was fortunate to find S.A.F.E. and attend the Tennessee Enhanced Handgun Carry Permit course. I received outstanding instruction in the classroom with impressive safety awareness on the firing range by Kevin McWhirk. I’ve attended other training facilities before and none matched the proessionalism and emphasis on safety as does Strategic Advantage Firearms Education.

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