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f. white iii

A very well taught class. The instructors were knowledgeable not only of the laws for Tennessee but other states as well. The class was very thorough and I would highly recommend. The skills part was educational and the instructors took time which each of us to insure we new not only how to safely hold the weapon but how to fire it accurately as well. I will be recommending them to my friends in family for sure.

chris h

I recently moved to TN and I have been looking forward to taking an enhanced CCW handgun course. I signed up with Strategic Advantage and completed the required classroom and range time earlier today. Kevin was our instructor and I have to say he was great to learn from. He was a patient instructor that took the time to review and answer any questions posed to him. He was just as patient out on the range while testing us and firearm safety was his top priority! I’m looking forward to taking additional firearm training courses with Kevin and I highly recommend Strategic Advantage to anyone seeking to gain any level of firearms knowledge.

deborah a

I just Completed Kevin’s Handgun Carry Permit course. After years of procrastination for what ever reason, one thing or the other. After seeing Kevin’s post and talking with him I knew it was time to stop procrastinating. The class room part was educational, yet he made it fun and worth your time. He takes the time to know each and everyone and what they expect out of his class. I went in with some gun knowledge but had not fired a gun in 30+years. So with that said I went in with a lot of apprehension, but Kevin knows how to make you comfortable in handling your gun and a lot of good tips in the process. Well let me say no more procrastinating for me, I am ready for the next one. I feel so much better about having a gun in my home and knowing how to shoot it. Thank you for being so great Kevin and looking forward to the next class.

cheryl c

My family has been encouraging me to get a carry permit for years. After some research, I found S.A.F.E. The instructor was very knowledgeable. The classroom was structured but relaxed enough to address any questions. I learned about things I had not given much thought prior to the course, information that will be very helpful now that I have earned a carry permit. Safety was taught in the classroom and on the range to be primary - Always first and foremost! I enjoyed the learning experience and will probably take another course. It was such a great experience, that I have suggested it to several of my friends. It was what I was looking for and more. Can't recommend highly enough!

ashlee b

I went to the S.A.F.e Gun Permitt Class, where Kevin was the instructor. I went into the class was some basic knowledge of firearms and how to shoot. In the classroom portion a got a great deal of information that was very useful and great to know, my attention was kept and Kevin’s knowledge and expertise was very helpful. Going onto the range I wasn’t very confident(never really have been when it comes to firing a weapon) when leaving the range I felt more confident then I ever have. Kevin was fantastic! Not only in the classroom but on the range. He made sure all questions where answered and he didn’t make you feel intimidated or stupid. He helped me with my stance and breathing which further helped me when it came time for qualifying. I highly recommend using S.A.F.E and would definitely sign up for any further advancement courses through them, especially Kevin is teaching. I learned a lot. Thanks for being so great, Kevin. And thank you for having the patience with me on the range!

sarah s

I gifted myself the Ladies Only course for Christmas this year, and it will definitely be the gift that keeps on giving. Both Kevin and Maddison were amazing instructors! I have been around guns my entire life, and have 14 years prior service in the military (8 of which were in the Army). After escaping a very violent DV situation, I became very afraid of the pistol I had for home defense. Not only was I not comfortable shooting it (first time pistol owner), but my experience with that weapon in particular, made it hard for me to even pick it up. As soon as I walked in the doors of S.A.F.E, that fear was taken away and replaced with confidence. I've had tons of in field and classroom instruction in my carrier, and this was definitely TOP NOTCH! Kevin and his team lit a fire within me yesterday. They started with the basics, and continued feeding the fire throughout the day. By the time we ended class, I was so thankful I decided to face my fears head on. The S.A.F.E team made that possible for me. They are the best in the business, and you will NOT be disappointed. I can't wait to take more courses with them. Please be sure to follow them on social media, and check out their website. Kevin is full of knowledge, and experience.

jason c

I had never shot a pistol but knew I wanted to obtain my permit. I talked to Kevin quite a bit on the phone before I signed up. He was very helpful and gave me various paths for my training. Taking the permit class was great. The classroom portion was very helpful and my questions were answered and we had some great discussions. At the range, I was able to try different guns and then we walked through the process. There was no pressure and I was able to take my time. Again, all of my questions were answered and I enjoyed working with Kevin. Overall, Kevin goes out of his way to help and give you as much information you need to make your decision and to feel comfortable with the material and shooting.

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