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Introducing Right To Bear Self-Defense Protection to you!










A need for real Legal Coverage was a void and Right To Bear has answered the call. Right To
Bear is a complete program to help and guide Americans with the legal protection God-forbid
they are ever in a use of force encounter. Their program will lead the way for gun-owners and
law-abiding citizens across America.

We, at Strategic Advantage Firearms Education trust them and wanted to introduce you to
their program. Members will receive access to an Attorney-answered emergency hotline, 24/7-
365. This is imperative as crime rates have sky-rocketed and the ability of being represented
immediately is crucial.

They are the only member-based, American legal protection provider dedicated to the
preservation of individual liberty, for responsible freedom loving people in the United States. As
a member of Right To Bear, protecting your family means you never have to defend them alone.
Their core program includes unlimited legal defense both criminally and civilly, expert witness
fees, psychological support, and gun replacement. They offer multi-state coverage, bail bond
coverage and minor children as additional coverages.

For only $13 per month or $145 annually, you will be covered knowing Right To Bear is in your
corner. Sign-up TODAY and receive your protection immediately, plus if you sign up for an
annual, you'll get two free months. That is a $26 saving to you now!

SIGN-UP at: and enter promocode: SAFETN

Right To Bear offers elite protection along with many other great benefits. Our plans offer more
than just legal reimbursement to secure your peace of mind.

Their mission is to educate consumers on the importance of being a responsible gun-owner,
understanding their rights, and being represented by a company that will see the process

Right To Bear Self-Defense Protection will remain true to its value and promise of being there
for the member, the gun-industry partners and law-enforcement.

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