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Level 3 | Handgun Carry Confidence

This is a comprehensive 6 hour class covering the essentials to carry concealed.

Service Description

This is comprehensive 6 hour class gives you the knowledge, techniques, and skills essential to carry concealed both comfortably and confidently. Topics covered include gear selection, holster placement, draw stoke, malfunctions, reloading and movement under time and area constraints for understanding. EXPERIENCE LEVEL: Students should have taken a basic handgun class and permit class within the past year and have a solid grasp of range etiquette and basic gun handling and safety skills. This is an absolutely critical course to take if you plan to carry a firearm as a lifestyle or for personal defense. This course addresses the carry considerations to find the best options for YOU that work well for a daily concealed carry routine. We will use dry-fire and live-fire exercises. There is a progression of instruction provided and drills to build real-world skills for safe and effective firearm handling/ work under stress. Learn safe and efficient techniques to draw & engage from concealment and deal with malfunctions both at the range and in real world conditions. Required Gear: • Working handgun, your concealed carry handgun of choice (preferably a centerfire gun) • 250-300 rounds of factory FMJ ball ammunition • Minimum of two (2) functioning magazines • Eye & ear protection • IWB or OWB Holster (For safety reasons NO bra holsters, soft side collapsible holsters, cross-draw, ankle, off-body, and behind-the-back holsters are NOT allowed during live-fire portion of course.) • Magazine holders for belts • Belt designed for gun handling or concealed rig setup • Students are encouraged to bring their own lunch and beverages ATTIRE: High collared shirt, cover & concealment garment if carrying concealed (bring options to work with). If you are uncomfortable with presenting a firearm without an undergarment, then please bring a garment to wear. Base layers of clothes like athletic compression or regular undershirts can be worn to prevent being uncomfortably “exposed” when working from a concealment holster. NO OPEN toe shoes! Baseball caps recommended but not required. DISCLAIMER- S.A.F.E. instructors are NOT lawyers- this is not intended to provide any professional legal advice.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

PLEASE NOTE: ALL TRANSACTIONS ARE FINAL Refunds will be given on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of S.A.F.E. If you have paid and cannot attend, please contact us and we will work to ensure you are 100% satisfied. Tuition for classes allows a one-time reschedule to another date with prior approval.

Contact Details

  • 2220 Wilson Hill Road, Lewisburg, TN, USA


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