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Strategic Advantage Firearms Education was founded by Kevin McWhirk. Kevin has been shooting firearms since he was six (a long time) and believes everyone has the right to defend themselves in an attack and with the right training, can have the ability and courage to do so.

Kevin has a passion for self-defense and teaches it with heart and compassion. He has been involved in martial arts and various hand-to-hand skills such as Aikido, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, and Karate since his early teens. He is a Certified Firearms Instructor through the USCCA, NRA, and the State of Tennessee – Department of Safety and Homeland Security and a Certified RSO (Range Safety Officer).

Kevin is also a member of the NRA and US Law Shield. He is qualified/certified to teach multiple professional courses such as NRA Basic Pistol, USCCA Courses including – Concealed Carry and Home Defense, Countering a Mass Shooter Threat, Women’s Self Defense, and Handgun Fundamentals, among others. SAFE also offers Kids Safety Classes, Beginner Courses, Self Defense Classes, and Advanced Firearms Instruction for Defensive Shooting and Enhanced Skill Development.


We are proud to serve Tennessee and its amazing people. YOU are priority one!

students holding targets


Each class we teach is filled with excitement and lifesaving information. We believe our training is second to none. With hands-on drills and exercises in each course, we offer something for everyone, regardless of experience.

core value

We strive to teach people from all different backgrounds the fundamentals and beyond of firearm safety and self-defense. We believe in every person's right to defend themselves and pride ourselves on the education we provide. It is the core value of our business.

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