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Plot The movie starts off with the two sons of a muslim king. Saifuddin (Dilip Kumar) stays at the court of the king while his brother Musauddin (Ashok Kumar) stays at a college in Delhi. All the three brothers have a discussion on the war with the Mogul emperor Aurangzeb. The king's sons are sent to fight Aurangzeb, but they fail and are imprisoned in the palace. The prison guards are killed by a group of revolutionaries led by Anis (Amrita Singh), who also kills Aurangzeb. The king's sons escape the prison and try to kill Anis, who is also captured. Anis escapes and tries to unite the rebels, but she fails. Musauddin takes up a job as a tax collector and goes to the city of Azamgarh to complete the accounts for the king. He faces many troubles while he is working. He falls in love with Asho kumar's daughter who is also his teacher. The two brothers unite to complete the accounts. After some dramatic moments, the film ends with Musauddin and Saifuddin winning the war and Anis who ends up killing her own brother. Cast Dilip Kumar as Musauddin Ashok Kumar as Saifuddin Rishi Kapoor as Naseem Amrita Singh as Anis Helen as Helen Jagdeep as Inspector Asrani as Zail Singh Birbal as Panditji Ramnivas Goel as Balwant Singh Brahm Bhardwaj as Jiwan Singh Kader Khan as Gopal Gupta Raza Murad as Mulay Jaddu Annu Kapoor as Sheriar Mr. Satish Soundtrack External links Category:1984 films Category:Indian films Category:1980s Hindi-language films Category:Films scored by R. D. BurmanSeparation of both wheat and mungbean lectins by affinity chromatography using asialofetuin-modified Sepharose. Asialofetuin was covalently linked to Sepharose 6B to produce a new affinity adsorbent for the purification of wheat and mungbean lectins. This adsorbent was highly active in the affinity chromatographic separation of both lectins from each other and from other proteins in wheat and mungbean flour. A new purification procedure was




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