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Why We Do It- The Truth

Why do we invent in ourselves? Is it selfish of us to want to learn and protect ourselves and the ones we care about most? No- that is not the truth.

In reality- we live in a world where you can be a target at any time, for any number of reasons. It could be someone nefarious looking to take advantage of a person because they look weak and could be easy prey. Sadly that is all too common.

It could also be that we are targets selected to be victims because of someone's road rage. How about a previous argument that set them off and we could be the first persons to interact with them in their state of anger. It would also be naive of us to think that just because we are in a crowd full of people that we are safer in numbers. Well- today that is not the truth. The truth is that the previous statement could not be farther from the truth.

We see it all too often.-right here in our own country, state, city, neighborhood, and townships. People are brazen enough to do bad things in BROAD DAYLIGHT! Recently- a video went viral when a random woman walked up to a family and began slashing at the child's face. The mom, realizing what happened, pulled the child closer to her and the father ran to his child's defense. The woman started to turn away, then began to charge at the father. He backed off, and then the assailant ran down the street.

Another instance is where a man got out of his car (AS THE DRIVER) and pointed a gun at 3 men and demanded money, wallets, etc. They did comply and he got back in his car and drove away. The point here is that they felt helpless and did not attempt to defend themselves. It could have proven fatal if the gun pointed at the men was fired.

So why do we do it? Why do we train and learn to defend ourselves? It is because society is fed up with these law breaking creatures of opportunity. We learn martial arts, we learn how to become great witnesses, and we learn how to use tools like pepper spray, knives and firearms.

But WHY? The reason is simple. MOST people do NOT train beyond a handgun permit class. If one truly believes they are ready to engage a threat after a permit class, you are 100% mistaken, and will likely hurt yourself or someone else like an innocent bystander.

Don't forget- YOU are responsible for each bullet fired until it comes to rest. Criminally and Civilly.

So what do we do? We MUST train beyond a permit class. Learn how to truly USE YOUR FIREARM to its potential, while realizing your potential. This is all learned, and not training after a permit class is irresponsible, as mentioned before. Only about 4% of permit holders ever seeks further training. That is scary. If you have a permit only and never train- and I mean TRAIN (not just going to the range) you are merely kidding yourself. You are NOT ready to engage a threat and will likely hurt someone or yourself. Does that look familiar?

While I will agree that we are NOT operators and we are NOT law enforcement- we ARE usually the first responders to engage a threat. So we (civilians) must think that way, and therefore train that way as well. We are fathers, husbands, mothers, sisters, sons and daughters. We all have people we care about, and we are loved by people too. So the reason we do it is simple- to protect the ones we love and ourselves. TRAIN BEYOND THE PERMIT- IT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!

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