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What is YOUR why?

What is it that makes the Second Amendment so interesting? Is it the ability to defend oneself or the family that we would do anything to protect? Is it just as simple as choosing to enjoy our Constitutional Right? Why are Americans so fascinated with guns?

Well- to begin, I was not always a "gun guy." I shot them in the past, but never really dove into them much. From shooting my dad's .22 Winchester Rifle, to current day what I consider a much more advanced firearm, I believe there is so much more to guns than just shooting and the aforementioned items. Let me clarify:

1. Yes, it is true. The Second Amendment does clearly state that " A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." So what does that all mean?

I will start by breaking it down. A Well Regulated Militia- which means that a military force is necessary to defend your country, but the right of the PEOPLE shall not be infringed. This is the right of the PEOPLE, not the MILITIA, to keep and bear arms. Why not the MILITIA? Because at the time of the writing of the Constitution, the PEOPLE just spent 2 years fighting against a tyrannical state MILITIA, and had the intelligence to know that a time may come when they would need to do that again. So, the authors made the possession of firearms a RIGHT that the MILITIA could not take away. Make sense so far?

2. This got me thinking- how would I defend my family in a manner consistent with the threat, and the ability to neutralize that threat? Answer- I would need to arm myself and TRAIN and LEARN how to use the firearm in such a manner that the threat would at least meet resistance rather than submission. There is no less feeling in the world than being disarmed by mandate and left defenseless and helpless. Absolutely NONE. Why do I or why should I carry (legally) a firearm? Isn't this just all Hollywood hype and movie stuff? I came to learn, that NO is the correct answer. It comes down to threats (like mass shooters) and other criminals who do not follow the law.

3. Why do mass shooters tend to favor gun free zones? It could be a school, church or movie theater, etc. From lessons learned and studying investigations have taught us multiple things. Criminals do NOT follow the law, and they prefer victims whom are not aware, not armed, and are unable to defend themselves. Why? Because it makes their goal of inflicting as much damage as possible with little planning needed to expect someone to return fire or counter the threat.

4. What about all those high capacity magazines? People often associate magazine capacity with the school shooters and other mass killings. The fact is that magazine capacity had little to do with it. Most of the shooters did not even finish a magazine before loading another one into the firearm. ALL of the shooters chose gun free zones. WHY? NO threat of resistance. Why do you think criminals do not try to rob a gun store during the day? Yes, you are correct- they would be met with deadly force by trained hands willing to return fire to defend themselves. Makes sense now, right?

5. Of course people cry for gun control. It is not actually about guns, it is about power and control. Are you willing to let the someone else decide what is best for you and when? What if a tyrannical government wants to prevail again? HOW will you defend your family that you love so much? Are you willing to stand up or tell your wife and kids that being disarmed and unable to defend themselves is a good thing when faced with real threats like this?

6. The answer- Go and learn to shoot a firearm and be willing to train often. It IS what makes you better, more aware, and better prepared to act in circumstances that would otherwise be 100% in favor of the aggressor or threat.

What would you do TODAY, if something like this happened in a place where you like to take your family? How would you respond? People often say- "well I cannot carry here or what is the point?" The point is THIS- do not go to those places or do not patronize those places. The only thing that history has taught us is that the only thing that stops a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun. A trained person who can act and defend from such a threat. "....The right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

So...... What is YOUR why? Why do you not choose to carry or why do you?

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