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Kids Matter- Teach Them Wisely

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Kids are a major part of any parents life. Toys, games, sports, dances, sleep overs, and birthday parties- kids are simply a joy of life. Fun times ahead, especially if there is a beach vacation or Disney World adventure around the corner this summer before schools begin to fill up again for a new year of learning.

This got me thinking- kids learn TONS of good stuff in school. Math, Science, History, etc School is absolutely wonderful. In contrast- kids often learn WAY too much outside of school that can be negative, scary and harmful. Sometimes kids see something (as they are naturally curious about just anything) that they do not understand and want to look into.

Whether kids see a firearm laying around or some other item that can cause death or serious bodily harm to themselves or others- they do not know what constitutes real vs fake or phony pistols and guns. How would they? We always see them in movies, video games and TV shows and often gets glamorized and made to look cool. In games they get to re-spawn and go back on the offensive to rid the world of aliens and bad guys. The problem is, and has been for a long time- we often lack the patience, time or scheduling it takes to teach our kids proper handgun safety and what it really means to be in danger if something like this is discovered.

This SHOULD be a PRIORITY- NO MATTER WHAT! If you have firearms in the home, it is your duty as a RESPONSIBLE GUN OWNER to properly secure and maintain a safe environment for ourselves and our families. That means taking the proper amount of time, diligence and skills and impressing them upon our kids that in the real world, there is no do overs. No re-spawn areas like in games. We MUST ensure they know right from wrong, and what to do if they encounter a firearm of any kind.

I think that I speak for the population at large here-NOT A SINGLE ONE OF US wants to bury our children, no matter what age. Negligent Discharges and Improper access is ABSOLUTELY preventable if basic safety rules are followed. Please take the time to educate your kids by enrolling them in a safety class of some kind. Don't wait until they are curious and find something that should be enjoyable and fun turn into any parent's worst nightmare, especially if we could have prevented it.

I never want that on my conscience. Take the time to learn from professionals to help teach kids as part of a responsible gun owner routine, and share positive memories with your kids for decades to come!

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